Self Storage is the Key to Selling Your Home

retro home staging

When you look through the MLS of homes available to purchase in your area, the successful sales often stem from a few key points. First, they are clean, neat, and devoid of clutter. Many of them are staged, either by the homeowner or a professional. How do they do it? These homes are being lived…

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Climate Controlled Storage Vs. Standard Self Storage

climate controlled self-storage

Consumers rent storage units every day, all for different reasons. Some people want to organize their homes and sort through boxes, to see what they can keep and what they want to purge. Others are moving and need the space in their home to attract potential buyers. Still, some have already sold their home and…

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Time to Travel

RV storage adventure

So, you’ve just moved to Utah: one of the most naturally beautiful states in the union, boasting 43 state parks, and thirteen national parks. But, you still feel stuck: the pressures of daily life, work and family commitments, and maintaining your home are trapping you into routines that don’t allow for as many camping trips…

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Merging Two Homes into One

couple laying amongst boxes

Two Households, Organized in Dignity: Merging Homes So, after many months of planning—and plenty of false starts, false hopes, and anxiously applied false eyelashes—the wedding bells (or the dizzying number of comment “notifications” on Facebook after you’ve finally made your relationship status official) have at last finished ringing. You’ve finally stopped picking stray grains of…

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Things to Declutter in the New Year

organization baskets

A new year and new year resolutions are here. The New year is a great time to start cleaning up your house. During the holiday’s gifts are given and received and there’s a tendency to keep things to avoid offending anyone. By utilizing your storage unit, it offers a place to put your belongings as…

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Moving Supplies Checklist

moving boxes

Moving can be stressful enough and the way to make it as easy as possible would be to plan ahead. Get what you need before you actually need it. By collecting things to help your move ahead of time will help eliminate running to the store when you’re in a groove of getting things packed…

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Ready to Make a Storage Unit Move?

Stack of moving boxes

Changing storage units isn’t always a simple task. Whether you’re switching to find a better facility, wanting storage nearer to your Utah home, or moving out of state, there’s always the right choice and the less than ideal one. In the state of Utah, there are a million and one self-storage unit facilities to choose…

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Tips for Better Holiday Self-Storage

woman holds Christmas decorations

The holidays are in full swing. With this time of year comes the many joys and stresses of preparing yourself for holiday decorating and celebrating. Even with the greatest preparation, Christmas can be a bit of a storage nightmare. From taking out unruly decor from the crevasses of your home to the inevitable pile-up of…

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Storage Tips for a Utah Winter

storage unit wintertime

Winter is coming. And we don’t mean it as a reference to a beloved series, we mean it seriously. As the snow approaches, no one in Utah outruns the negatives of the storms. Utah weather patterns, although delightful for winter sports, can be a nightmare for moving or packing up a storage unit. You shouldn’t…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Self-Storage

man holding storage box

Whether you plan to use self-storage for a longer or shorter term, we can all agree that storage is a great way to free up room in your home or keep your belongings safe when transitioning into a new space. But when it comes to getting the most out of your self-storage space, a little…

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