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Self Storage is the Key to Selling Your Home

When you look through the MLS of homes available to purchase in your area, the successful sales often stem from a few key points. First, they are clean, neat, and devoid of clutter. Many of them are staged, either by the homeowner or a professional. How do they do it? These homes are being lived in; yet, they present almost like model homes. The ticket is self-storage.

Why Renting a Self-Storage Unit for a Move is Smart

The old adage “that you have to spend money to make money” is definitely true in this case. Many homeowners rent a self-storage space, while in the process of selling their home. Under the advisory of their broker or realtor, they clear their home of clutter. They box up unneeded nick-knacks and trinkets that are simply collecting dust. Broken or extremely worn furniture is stored in the self-storage unit, as well as holiday décor that won’t be needed for some time. Excessive toys or kitchen gadgets are packed up and boxed neatly in a storage facility.

This process is a bit of work on the part of the homeowner. In some ways, they may feel like they are going to move twice; however, it can be the difference between selling their home in a matter of days or weeks, versus long months.

Get the Packing Down Before You Even Move

Another one of the benefits of such a venture is that you get the packing over and done with. Plus, the boxes are stored neatly in a unit and ready to be loaded onto a truck. This not only helps the presentation of your home, but it helps the move to be more organized, which can ultimately give you more peace of mind. Moving is stressful if everything goes perfect, so why not help yourself and invest in a storage unit.

Look for Clean, Well-Priced Units

Additionally, self-storage units, like those at Apex Storage are reasonably priced. Remember that you are about to sell your home. This is going to recoup the funds paid out for the unit. By spending a little bit more to give your home that professional look, you will likely draw more traffic to your home. This traffic will bring multiple buyers that will make their bids come in at higher, more competitive offers. These are all advantages for you.

Help yourself out and get the best possible offer on your home, by renting a self-storage unit. This will make moving more organized for you and bring calm back into your life, amidst the challenge that is relocating. Draw in more buyers via home organization that comes from decluttering and utilizing the services of a self-storage.  This is the ticket to selling your house.

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