moving boxes

Moving Supplies Checklist

Moving can be stressful enough and the way to make it as easy as possible would be to plan ahead. Get what you need before you actually need it. By collecting things to help your move ahead of time will help eliminate running to the store when you’re in a groove of getting things packed up.


This one is definitely a no brainer. Try collecting boxes from friends and family before the move so you don’t have to purchase as many. Try collecting many boxes of different shapes and sizes. This will make it easier to pack items of all different sizes. From large picture frames to kitchen appliances, having many different sizes of boxes will facilitate packing in the most efficient way.


As you pack boxes, a form of heavy-duty packing tape will be necessary to ensure that your boxes and belongings are safe. Try taping boxes a couple of times if they have heavier items and belongings in them to avoid the bottom from falling out. Sharpies will be a great tool as labeling boxes will be very useful when it comes to getting to the next destination, be it a storage unit, or your new home. By labeling boxes and what is in them will assist in unpacking or finding things that you need before you are able to fully unpack your belongings.

Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper

Bubble wrap and packing paper will be useful when packing fragile items such as dishes, glass baking pans, and also photo frames. By wrapping these things up it will help keep fragile items safe from the craziness of moving. Boxes can be placed in a harsh manner and you don’t want to be unpacking boxes full of shattered glass.

Moving can be a fun and exciting time, though also stressful. Begin planning ahead as possible to avoid the stress of having to do a lot of once when it feels as if you are running out of time. By packing items that may be used less or not at all before your move can be helpful. Packing in small increments can help break up the task of packing and make it less overwhelming. Labeling your boxes can be useful when you begin unpacking or for when the belongings are in the storage unit and need to be accessed. Be cautious and pack fragile boxes carefully and label them accordingly to alert those moving them to be alert when moving them.

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