Boat & RV drivingWe love our recreational vehicles. However, they can be a hassle. Usually, the size of an RV or a boat makes it difficult to fit them inside of our own garage. Sitting to the side of our homes, or in our driveways, they can be unsightly, and collect unnecessary damage as they sit exposed and unused. Oftentimes HOA’s don’t allow for recreational vehicles to be stored at your home causing stress as to where to put your things. That’s where Apex Storage comes in. We offer many different sizes of units that will accommodate your needs.  

Here at Apex Storage, we offer extra-large units for your boat or recreation vehicle so that you can have a safe, protected area to put your vehicle. Our extra-wide lanes make it easy for you to maneuver your boat or RV into place and remove it without incident, even if it’s towed by a vehicle. Our convenient locations also ensure that you can easily go back and forth to your storage unit without putting in too much extra driving time.

We know that here in Utah, people love to get out into the great outdoors. Utah has access to many different outdoor opportunities that you can have toys for such as boating, ATVs, and snowmobiles are great activities for the year.  We love hiking, camping, boating, climbing, hunting, and four-wheeling, and we especially love the vehicles that allow us to do it all. So take good care of your recreation vehicles! Give them a home they can call their own.

Why Use Apex for Your Boat & RV Storage?

  • Convenient locations - Our convenient locations allow you to access your storage whenever you need it while offering proximity to major roads and freeways.
  • Extra-large units - Our large units allow for many different sizes of trailers and boats giving you peace of mind knowing that your RV or boat will fit in our units regardless of wakeboard decks and furnace systems on your trailer. 
  • Extra-wide lanes enable easy loading - Our lanes are wide enough for your vehicle and what you are towing giving you the ease of parking your boat or RV where necessary without concern of not having enough space. 
  • Covered and protected vehicles stay looking new for longer - Not only can harsh winter temperatures have an effect on your boats and RV’s, so can UV rays. Our covered spots will keep your toys from getting damaged year-round. 
  • In-unit electricity lets you maintain vehicles - By offering electricity in units allows you to clean and maintain your vehicle as necessary while it is in storage. We know that your boats and RVs need to be well maintained to keep and hold their value so by offering in-unit electricity you are able to keep your items maintained. 
  • Extended gate hours let you come and go when you please - We know that when you’re out doing what you love and spending time with people you love you lose track of time. Our extended gate hours allow you to enjoy the memories you make before returning. 
  • Unparalleled security to protect your investment - We understand that the things you choose to store with us have great value to you. Our 24/7 security will help give you peace of mind as we watch and keep your items safe. 

About Our Extra-Large Units

For most storage services, the largest-available unit is either 20’x20’, or 10’x30’. Apex Storage, on the other hand, offers some of the largest units in the Wasatch area. Our 12’x30’ units are twice as long as a very generous one-car garage, making them ideal for your RV. We also have double-wide units, at 24’x30’, which means that you can store numerous vehicles, have plenty of space for moving around, and even use the extra space for other storage purposes. By offering larger places to store your items, we also offer wider lanes in order to get your toys into their safe place where they stay with us. 

When choosing a place to store your recreational vehicles, it isn’t a decision you want to take lightly. We know these vehicles mean a lot to you, which is why our security is 24/7 and unmatched. Our extra-large units offer easy maneuvering. We also offer extended gate hours which enables you to come and go to the facility as you please while keeping people who aren’t supposed to be there, out. Our unit covers offer protection from year-round elements such as snow and harsh temperatures as well as harsh UV rays. Both of these unit sizes are perfect for your boat or RV storage, so if you have a large vehicle that needs a home, give us a call today!