A standard sized storage unit is often the size of a small room. You won’t usually need a moving truck to move these belongings, and as long as you know how to pack all of your items into your storage unit effectively, you shouldn’t have a problem storing quite a bit in here!

Most people end up using a standard sized storage unit for when they are in the process of moving, or downsizing to a smaller home or apartment and need somewhere to store their items until they either move back into a bigger place, or are able to find new homes for some of their larger items. It’s also great for people who will be living overseas and won’t be able to bring very many of their things with them. Shipping your belongings internationally will cost you a lot of money, and is rarely secure. By putting all of these items in your storage unit, you’re able to not only save money, but you’ll also be able to rest assured that all of your items will be safe and under constant surveillance.

A few items that we recommend storing in your Apex Standard Size Storage Unit are:


-Furnishings from a one bedroom apartment(perfect for when you’re moving, downsizing, or looking for somewhere new to move to)


-File cabinets

-Boxes stacked high (you can stack your boxes all the way to the ceiling! Just make sure that you put the boxes you won’t be needing access to at the bottom and back of your stacks of boxes. Make sure the heaviest and least fragile items are in the bottom of the piles, as well).