Self storage unit

Feeling burdened by your belongings? Do you no longer have room for the things you love, need, or know you will need in the future? We get it. At Apex Storage we are here to help you reclaim your space for whatever the reason. Most people know what it is like to simply run out of storage in their homes and apartments, but what are some other reasons you might find to use self-storage

  • Downsizing your living space
  • Moving homes
  • Staging a home
  • Storing vehicles in the offseason
  • Organizing during a renovation
  • Storing the belongings of a loved one
  • Storing college furniture for the summer
  • Keeping excess business inventory safe

No matter the rhyme or reason for needing storage, it can be beneficial to move some items around to keep your home free from clutter. Having a place to keep things that you will need later but don’t have a place for in your home can be overwhelming and hard to find a good solution. However, here at Apex, we know your belongings need a home and that’s what we are here for.

Why You Need Self-Storage

No matter the item, there is no point in self-storage if you can’t be sure that your belongings are safe, free from damage, and easy to get to. With self-storage, how you choose to store and where you choose to store matter. After all, there is little point to self-storage if you can’t easily drop-off or retrieve your important belongings. If you are tired of fighting your way through a cramped basement, attic, or garage, it might be time to store your items away from your property. Stop playing a game of Tetris with furniture, priceless heirlooms, or out of season gear.

Instead, trust Apex to have adequate space for you! With our various sizes of units, we are sure to have a unit that fits your needs and belongings. We have heated and cooled units if you have items that need to be temperature controlled to ensure they stay in pristine condition. Our self-storage units are easily accessible and allow you to come and go as you please and as you need to get items out. In addition to individual self-storage units, Apex offers oversized RV and Boat storage. Utah has some extreme temperatures all year long and Apex will help keep your vehicles safe from the elements including UV damage and excessive mo