On site security camera

Here at Apex Storage, we understand that the safety of your belongings is always at the forefront of your mind. Remote storage often seems like an easy target for burglars. In fact, break-ins can be common in some complexes. Apek Storage is determined to do things differently, to lessen the chances of break-ins, ensure the safety of your possessions, and leave you with peace of mind.

Are Our Units Secure?

Not all security is made equal. At Apex, we make sure to take all the necessary precautions, big and small, to keep your belongings safe. As a company, we take unit theft seriously, and those that store with us should know the steps we take to stay vigilant. We understand the difference between a normal, well-maintained storage facility that relies on basic security features to ensure safety and those that go above and beyond the basic. Apex Storage is here to keep your belongings safe with advanced security features in each of our locations.

Our customers can rest easy, feeling confident that their possessions are secure. Whether your unit is full of long-term storage collectibles, expensive equipment, or everything with which you plan to furnish a new house, we have security measures in place to deter break-ins and keep each storage unit safe. Our three-pronged security plan includes high-resolution surveillance cameras, on-site night watchmen, and a secure gated entrance.

Security Cameras

Security cameras placed throughout our facilities serve to deter robbers and help us to keep the area under guard. Our cameras aren’t just there for looks, though. We utilize 4k resolution in order to aid law enforcement in identifying perpetrators. Considering our locations have many customers coming and going, these cameras help us to ensure that each person on our campus is only accessing their own unit. What makes us different?

  • Video Monitoring. We make use of high-grade security technologies. Over the years, video surveillance has advanced considerably, and we’ve kept up with those changes. Our digital monitoring systems record the activity on our proper