Climate controlled storage family photos

Utah has the potential of extremely high and low temperatures. Characterized by dry, sweltering summers and ski-resort winters, weather along the Wasatch Front can be unpredictable at best. And while these temperature fluctuations provide some of the things we love most about living within Salt Lake and Utah Counties, it can also cause some severe damage to our stored belongings.

In a regular storage unit, your possessions are protected from the elements, but only to a certain extent. Your things are still subject to freezing temperatures, blazing summer heat, poor air quality, and humidity. In order to add extra protection for your more delicate items, we recommend our climate-controlled units. Why do you need climate-controlled units?

  • Protection from severe temperatures
  • Greater air quality
  • Control over humidity
  • Extra protection from dust
  • Feeling of security

What Are Climate Controlled Storage Units?

Our climate control storage units offer added protection from the weather, damp, and pests. Additional sealing around the units keeps unwanted elements out and keeps your possessions safe inside. A regulated temperature between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit avoids problems that come from overheating or freezing.

Climate controlled units also regulate humidity up to a certain point. Watermarks and humidity-related deterioration are some of the biggest contributors to property damage to important items. Excess humidity also encourages bacterial growth and mold. A special climate-controlled unit with humidity control can keep your valuables safe from the damage that excess moisture can cause.

Why Worry About Extreme Temperatures?

Utah temperatures can seem to fluctuate with little notice. It’s not uncommon to be surprised by scorching heat and rain on the same day, or a snow flurry that seems to ascend on the valley from nowhere. Keeping temperatures in mind is i