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Utah has the potential of extremely high and low temperatures. Characterized by dry, sweltering summers and ski-resort winters, weather along the Wasatch Front can be unpredictable at best. And while these temperature fluctuations provide some of the things we love most about living within Salt Lake and Utah Counties, it can also cause some severe damage to our stored belongings.

In a regular storage unit, your possessions are protected from the elements, but only to a certain extent. Your things are still subject to freezing temperatures, blazing summer heat, poor air quality, and humidity. In order to add extra protection for your more delicate items, we recommend our climate-controlled units. Why do you need climate-controlled units?

  • Protection from severe temperatures
  • Greater air quality
  • Control over humidity
  • Extra protection from dust
  • Feeling of security

What Are Climate Controlled Storage Units?

Our climate control storage units offer added protection from the weather, damp, and pests. Additional sealing around the units keeps unwanted elements out and keeps your possessions safe inside. A regulated temperature between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit avoids problems that come from overheating or freezing.

Climate controlled units also regulate humidity up to a certain point. Watermarks and humidity-related deterioration are some of the biggest contributors to property damage to important items. Excess humidity also encourages bacterial growth and mold. A special climate-controlled unit with humidity control can keep your valuables safe from the damage that excess moisture can cause.

Why Worry About Extreme Temperatures?

Utah temperatures can seem to fluctuate with little notice. It’s not uncommon to be surprised by scorching heat and rain on the same day, or a snow flurry that seems to ascend on the valley from nowhere. Keeping temperatures in mind is important for any person choosing to store their belongings, but this becomes even more important in a fickle state like ours. 

Our summer months can easily bring temperatures over 100℉ and below freezing are frequent in the heart of winter. Drastic temperature changes can cause irreversible damage to our precious or delicate items. By storing your sensitive items in a climate-controlled unit, you’re doing all you can to keep those items comfortable, in a temperature setting that doesn’t differ too much from your own home.

Does Air Quality Matter?

Sometimes it’s necessary that we store items that are particularly fragile or furniture we plan to bring back into our homes after a significant amount of time. In these cases, it’s important to not overlook the air quality of a storage unit. Poorly circulated air can mean an excess of dust and debris. Stale, dirty air can lead to the damage of fragile items, mattresses, canvas, and porous materials.

Control Over Humidity

In the state of Utah, we feel relatively free of humidity. However, it’s crucial for the happiness of our storage to think about the slight fluctuations of humidity levels from day-to-day. By removing excess moisture in your unit, your fear of important items being exposed to conditions that can bring about mildew, mold, rot or warping is decreased exponentially. Take control over seasonal humidity with climate-controlled units. 

Don’t Settle for Simply Temperature Control

When many storage facilities promise control over the elements, what they really mean is control over only the temperature within a unit. Although this alone is highly important to the wellbeing and future condition of your belongings, it’s important to remember that temperature is only one of many factors that can cause damage to items within a unit. 

Even if the temperature is stable within a unit, you could still be looking at damage from excessive moisture or stagnant air. This is why we don’t simply control the temperature, we control the entire climate! So you can come back to your belongings just as you left them. 

What Should You Use It For?

A lot of people looking for high-quality storage units as the team at Apex what a controlled unit is for? The answer, simply put, is just about everything! Although many people choose this type of storage for fragile antiques, or for delicate furniture, the sky is the limit for what you might choose to store. Yes, climate-controlled storage is the right option for materials that may need above average protection from the elements, but that doesn’t have to be all that you choose to store in such a unit. What do people most commonly store?

  • Furniture (especially leather and delicate upholstery)
  • Antiques
  • Musical instruments
  • Valuable electronics
  • Wine
  • Photos
  • Family heirlooms
  • Paintings
  • Books
  • Important documents
  • Excess business supplies 

Climate Control Options

Find a Location

Do you have sensitive items that you need to store? Feel free to call us about our various storage options. We’re sure we have something perfect for your needs. Contact us for a quote or to reserve a climate-controlled unit today. Currently, we have climate-controlled units available in the following sizes:

  • 12’x10’
  • 10’x7’