Box in storage unitDifferent uses of storage units calls for different sizes. Apex Storage, the Utah Storage, offers Utahns various sizes, from mini storage to extra-wide units, all for convenient self-storage use.

What size you want will depend, of course, on how much you need to store. However, it will also depend on how you plan to use your storage unit, a consideration many people forget. For example, if you’re planning to rent a storage unit temporarily to store things until you move, then you only need to worry about loading up the unit and emptying it later.

On the other hand, if you plan on having a long-term storage unit, from which you’ll have to retrieve things now and then, you want to have some more space so you can walk between items and find things quickly. Additionally, if you have sensitive items that need to be carefully protected to keep them from damp or freeze, you might need to keep them away from the walls.

Mini Storage Units

Mini storage units are perfect if you just need a little bit of extra room. Many of our customers use these mini units to store equipment that isn’t easily stored at home or the office, which is why we also offer climate-controlled units that will ensure that your equipment stays in good shape.

10x7 Feet: A 10’x7’ unit can hold household items from two or more rooms
12x10 Feet: A 12’x10’ unit will comfortably hold a mattress or sofa set, along with numerous other boxes

Standard Storage Units

These standard storage units are closer to the size of a one-car garage (which usually measures at 12x20 feet) and can often fit the contents of a small house of up to 5 rooms.

12x15 Feet: 180 square feet can easily hold multiple mattress sets and a sofa, along with assorted other furniture and boxes.
12x20 Feet: This size unit is one of our most popular options, because it can usually fit the contents of a home with enough wiggle room for extra items, and for individuals to navigate around items.

Large Storage Units

Many customers opt for our large storage units in order to stow boats and RVs. 12x30 foot units are usually sufficient to hold a boat or recreation vehicle. However, we also have double-wide units available for larger vehicles, or for multiple vehicles.

12x30 Feet: This 360-square-foot unit is twice as long as a standard one-car garage, making it ideal for a boat or RV.
24x30 Feet: Some of our customers require extra-large storage units. We’ve found that these units are especially useful for businesses which need to house vehicles or items that are only used seasonally. Our extra-wide loading lanes make it easy to access your unit with large vehicles.

If you are in need of a convenient storage solution in northern Utah, contact us to learn about the pricing for each of our units, or to get more information about the amenities available for each size.