man holding box

Sometimes, you don't need a huge place to store your things. A mini storage unit is perfect for people who just don't have quite enough room in their home, or they need to store a few items between moves, while they're out of the country on a vacation, or while they wait for a friend to pick them up. One of the great things about a this size is that all of your belongings that would generally fit here, would easily fit into your car or pickup truck to be transported.

A mini storage unit is often referred to as similar in size to a small closet, or a walk in closet(depending on which size you select for you and your needs). You can fit a surprising amount of items in a small space like this! Some of the items that are perfect to store include:

  • Business files that don't need accessed regularly
  • Holiday decorations
  • A chest of drawers(empty, or not)
  • High stacks of boxes(one of the advantages of a mini storage unit is that you can fit a lot of boxes inside of it, as long as you stack them strategically with the heaviest items on the bottom, and as long as you won't need to be able to pull items out of these boxes very often).
  • Small items
  • A small sofa or love seat(if you choose a storage unit that is longer than it is wide)
  • A motorcycle
  • Garage items, such as yard and gardening equipment that is only used seasonal
  • Any seasonal item

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