climate controlled self-storage

Consumers rent storage units every day, all for different reasons. Some people want to organize their homes and sort through boxes, to see what they can keep and what they want to purge. Others are moving and need the space in their home to attract potential buyers. Still, some have already sold their home and the buyer needs them out ASAP. Consequently, they rent a storage unit, until they find their new home. At some point, you too may find yourself in this predicament. Where will you rent? What kind of storage unit will you need? Climate-controlled or regular self-storage? If you’re struggling to decide what to do, this may offer some guidance on the matter.

What Are You Storing?

This is the biggest question you need to ask yourself. The contents you are storing matter. Are they items that are simply waiting to be sold in a garage sell or donation? What is the weather like where you live? Do the items need to be stored at a specific temperature? What is their value?

As you answer these questions, those answers will help determine what kind of storage unit you need. Clearly, if you are an artist and sell paintings on commission, you cannot store your art in a standard self-storage. The temperature outside and the elements absolutely impact the paint and the canvases. On the other hand, maybe you’re only storing boxes of clothes and household items. A self-storage unit might be perfect for your needs. The bottom line is to think about what you are storing.

How Long Are You Storing For?

This question coincides with the weather and elements. If you plan to keep your items in storage over an extended period of time, the temperature will matter. Can your items sustain exposure to said temperatures over time? The length of time you plan to rent the unit could also impact the cost. The storage facility may give you a discount for renting over a longer period of time.

Where is the “End” Place for Your Things?

Are you simply moving the items to a storage unit, while you work on a remodeling project? Is this for a move across town or out of state? These questions matter, because that will help you decide on the location. For instance, if you are moving one town over and the buyer needs you out of the house, it makes no sense to rent a storage unit somewhere in your current town, when you plan on purchasing a new home miles and miles away. Also, the location could impact what you rent. If you only need a self-storage standard unit, go with one in close proximity to your new home.

Consider all options before deciding on a storage facility. Think about location, pricing, convenience and accessibility, length of time and ultimately, what you are storing. These answers will help you to know whether to rent a climate-controlled storage unit or a standard self-storage unit.

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