Online Convenience: Managing Your Storage Unit Anytime, Anywhere with Apex Self Storage in Utah

Ready to Make a Storage Unit Move?

Changing storage units isn’t always a simple task. Whether you’re switching to find a better facility, wanting storage nearer to your Utah home, or moving out of state, there’s always the right choice and the less than ideal one. In the state of Utah, there are a million and one self-storage unit facilities to choose from. So, unless you’re moving out of state, the question on your mind isn’t usually “where can I find a storage unit”, but more so “what features should I be looking for in a new self-storage unit”. Storage facilities can range from utterly disastrous to as safe as keeping the items in your own home. Of course, at each of Apex’s locations, we strive to achieve the latter. Whether you’re currently storing with us now, or you’re simply keeping Apex in mind, here are a few key things you should keep in mind when you’re looking to move to a new storage unit or changing a unit to be nearer to you.

Keep Accessibility in Mind

Safety and cleanliness are both important factors that will come into play when looking into a self-storage unit, but one thing to keep in mind is the matter of accessibility. It’s an incredibly important component to the facility you choose or move your items to, but it’s often one that is kept at the bottom of the checklist. Don’t just go with a company who’s name sounds familiar to you even if it’s far away from where you live. Instead, select a facility that allows for easy access. Take into account:

  • Can you access the new unit on the weekends and nights?
  • Will you need to access this location frequently or just occasionally each season?
  • Will this location be safe to access in harsher climates like Utah’s snowy season?

Obviously, this list will vary in importance for each individual. But think about it! Talk to each facility about their hours and if access is allowed outside of typical hours. Keep distance and visits in mind. For instance, it wouldn’t make sense to settle for storage in Salt Lake City if you’re located further away in a location like Lehi or Magna. Thankfully, Apex locations are spread out, so no matter where you live you have access to high-quality self-storage.

Make Sure the Facility is Clean

A less than clean facility is a sure sign that the facility isn’t up to standard in other ways. Don’t settle for an unclean unit or facility. Always check and see if the storage facility in question has routine maintenance and regular cleaning when a unit has been emptied. There’s no point in moving to a new unit if it’s less than ideal for precious possessions.

How’s the Security?

We’ve acquired a lot of clients simply because their previous storage facility said they had certain security measures in place and didn’t. There’s nothing worse than a facility that doesn’t make security a top priority. Choose a facility that goes above and beyond to keep your belongings safe when you’re not around and your person safe when you are. 

Is it Convenient to Use?

No matter what facility you move to, choose one that makes everyday access as easy and secure as possible. Does the facility feature extra-large units for RV, vehicle, and boat storage? Are driveways wide enough to make unloading and loading simple? Is the location close to freeway access? Make a list of features that are most important to you so that your self-storage move is worthwhile for years to come! 

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