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Things to Declutter in the New Year

A new year and new year resolutions are here. The New year is a great time to start cleaning up your house. During the holiday’s gifts are given and received and there’s a tendency to keep things to avoid offending anyone. By utilizing your storage unit, it offers a place to put your belongings as you go through the process of decluttering.


January is a great time to put some of the toys the children don’t play with, especially if they received new toys for Christmas. If you put some toys away and are asked about and looked for then you know you can get them back out in a couple of months. However, if you have some that are totally forgotten about, come spring cleaning would be a great time to donate them or give them a family in need.

Holiday Wrappings

After the holidays, there always tends to be extra boxes, tape, and stickers everywhere. Chances are, you aren’t going to need that candy cane wrapping paper roll any time soon, so pack it up and put it in storage. Cleaning your house up after the holidays will help set the tone for your new year.

Seasonal Decorations

Decorations are some of the best parts of the holidays, whether they are from family traditions or just bring back fun memories, they are fun to look at. However, once the holidays are over sometimes you are left with extra boxes and clutter that aren’t needed in your home for another handful of months. Putting these decorations in a storage unit will help clear out unnecessary things from your home allowing for more room to store things you will utilize.

Storage is a great option for things you aren’t sure you are ready to part with yet. You can start your decluttering process by putting things in your storage unit and if you don’t reach for them for a certain amount of time you set aside then they probably are of no use for you and you will be able to donate your belongings. The new year is a great opportunity to get a fresh start and you can begin by cleaning out your home and decluttering. Apex Storage will help keep your belongings safe until you need them again. Contact us for questions on the different options of units we have. From small to large units, climate-controlled and also units for recreational vehicles, Apex has the storage options you need. Contact us today!

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