RV storage adventure

Time to Travel

So, you’ve just moved to Utah: one of the most naturally beautiful states in the union, boasting 43 state parks, and thirteen national parks. But, you still feel stuck: the pressures of daily life, work and family commitments, and maintaining your home are trapping you into routines that don’t allow for as many camping trips as you’d like. If you’d like to take advantage of Utah’s natural wonders and spend more time outdoors, read on for some tips that will help you answer the call of the wild.

Picnic at the Parks

Get outdoors as much as possible. Start small—you don’t have to prepare as if you’re a contestant on a survivalist reality tv show. Just prepare some basic picnic foods, pack up the family in the car, and drive out to your nearest state park. The mini-adventure will do for now and will help jump-start your family into bigger investments of time and energy for travel in the future.

Gear Up

Organize your gear well in advance, so that you can leave at the drop of your favorite UV ray protective sunhat. Keep your camping and adventure gear in an easily accessible, organized storage unit so that any time nature calls, you can answer. Take a trip to most any local camping gear store and ask the knowledgeable staff members what gear would best prepare your family or friends for a basic weekend camping trip. The right gear can be costly, so keep it safe and secure in self-storage so that you know it’s all ready to go when you need it for that upcoming long weekend.

Revving Up With an RV

Consider investing in an RV that you can drive away to escape from everyday city life. As a tent (and so much more) on wheels, an RV can entice even the most “city-slicking” of your family and friends into spending a weekend (or much longer) in the great outdoors. Although an RV is a big investment, if camping convenience is all that’s keeping you from making for the natural beauty of “them ‘thar hills,” then an RV might be right for you. If you’re worried about upkeep, or not having the space to park a behemoth in your driveway, there’s always RV Storage; if water sports are more your speed, boat storage is an option, too.

Off the Road Again

For the ruggedly adventurous family, a couple of four-wheelers or other off-roading vehicles may be just what you need to jumpstart your outdoor adventures. Your local RV campgrounds are a great resource to find the best off-roading trails and parks to set your sights on. After your trip (and after a thorough rinse off of all that off-roading mud), you’ll want to keep your vehicles well-maintained in preparation for the next outing: once again, some rented RV storage space can preserve your vehicles in the offseason. 

Find your passion for travel, and invest in your ability to get outdoors; then, rest easy knowing that your investments are safe and protected, and ready for whenever you are. 

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