Your Moving Supplies Checklist

Even the smallest of moves can be a major endeavor, and that’s why it’s important to approach moving with as much planning and organization possible. Before you start packing up those boxes, here is a brief list of all the materials you will need for a seamless move.

Cardboard boxes

Of course, you’ll need plenty of cardboard boxes to get you through your move. You can always purchase these online from a moving supply company, or you might ask around for free boxes. Craigslist, local grocery stores, liquor stores, and bookstores are all great resources to look into. It’s a good idea to get many boxes of a similar size to make packing up your moving truck easier—plus some smaller boxes to nestle in otherwise unusable spaces.

As you acquire boxes for your move, don’t forget that you likely already own quite a few larger storage containers and bins (such as laundry baskets), which can serve as “moving boxes” as well.