Preventing Pests in Your Storage Unit

One of the biggest drawbacks to storing things outside of your house is that they could be damaged by the elements… and pests. No one wants to retrieve their personal possessions from storage only to find that there are cobwebs, ants crawling everywhere, and holes in the boxes caused by nibbling mice.

Here are some tips to keep pests out of your storage unit and make sure that your things are kept in tip-top shape.

Inspect the area

One of the best ways to prevent infestations in any area is to do a thorough check, regularly. Take a flashlight and inspect the area, shining a light into the corners and crevices to make sure that there aren’t any creatures that have already made a home of your storage unit. Cleaning and rearranging things in your storage unit regularly will make it a less appealing home to any insects and rodents.

Move things away from the walls

We understand that “reducing clutter” might seem like a tall order for a storage unit. After all, you got it in the first place so that you would have a place for all that clutter. However, there are still simple things that you can do to reduce the number of attractive hiding places for mice, spiders, and o