How to Make the Most out of a Small Space

When it comes to storage space, it seems that there’s never enough of it. Even if you consider yourself a relatively tidy person with few belongings, you would probably benefit from having more storage space. Or even, just more efficient storage space.

Hide your storage


The best storage solutions are ones that are out of sight. This doesn’t mean that you need to hide everything you own into your hall closet, though. You still need your things to be easily accessible, which just isn’t practical if you have to dig through closets and bins of junk before you find what you’re looking for. Having drawers, cabinets, and shelving hidden into your walls is a great way to optimize storage space. You can also utilize multi purpose furniture that has hidden storage compartments, such as a bed frame with slide out storage drawers underneath the mattress.


Organizational methods


A lot of keeping things tidy and kept in their place, is by making sure that you keep them organized. This may seem obvious, but it doesn’t take long after organizing something before it’s a jumbled mess, and you find yourself back at square one. Shelves are a great way to stay organized, since there is a pattern and way to store things. Bins are another great way to keep things organized. Within one cabinet or drawer, you can have multiple different bins or small storage cubes/compartments. If everything has a specific place, you won’t be tempted to just throw it back into the drawer, and things will stay more organized.


Get creative


Most homes have nooks and empty space that just isn’t utilized. If you have a small space to work with, it’s important to remember that you need to get creative in order to store a lot of things in a small space. Multi-purpose furniture, storage spaces that double as furniture, and excessive shelving is the best way to use your space. You can store almost anything on a shelf, and shelves are relatively easy to install. You can install shelves under sinks and countertops, as well as around doorframes and above cabinets. If you have free wall space, you can definitely turn it into shelving for added storage space. And when all else fails, if you realize you just have a little bit too much stuff to store in your home, renting a small storage unit is a great way to store the things you don’t need to access year round.

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