6 Storage Ideas to Organize Your Entire Life

We all want to be just a little bit more organized, right? Even with weekly deep cleaning, we seem to get to the weekend and your home is an absolute wreck again. Often, it’s not even that it’s that messy, it’s just unorganized. The great thing about organization is that if you do it once, it will be much easier to keep it clean and organized for the months and years to come. If you need a bit of storage and organization inspiration to get your life in order, check out these tips.

Install an appliance lift in your kitchen


We all need more counter space, right? It may not seem like a lot, but your coffee maker, blender, toaster, coffee maker, and stand mixer take up a lot more space than you realize. An appliance lift lowers down into your cabinet space below it, meaning that you can simply lift it up when you need that appliance. This works best for the appliances you don’t use every single day, but want easy access to because it’s heavy, like your stand mixer. Hello, counter space.


Store aluminum foil and plastic wrap in a mounted magazine holder


Under your kitchen sink is probably a mess, right? Get a simple magazine holder, and mount it on the inside door of your cabinet. All of your aluminum foil and plastic wrap boxes will fit perfectly, and clear up some space.


Store your printer in a secret drawer


Your printer is clunky and an eye sore. Convert one of your desk drawers into a drawer for your printer. Add a hinge to the front of the drawer, so when you pull it out, the front falls down so you can access your printed documents without issue.


Put your garbage bags on a paper towel rack


Install a paper towel rack into the inside of a cabinet, and place your roll of garbage bags on it.


Use hooks to hang storage bins out of the way


You know those small plastic hooks that are really easy to install? Screw a few of them into the top of cabinets, and use them to hang storage bins from, to maximize cabinet storage space.


Spice racks are great for bathroom storage


Everyone needs more storage space in their bathroom. Easily install a few spice racks onto the wall of your bathroom, and you can put all of your daily products into these racks, to clear up counter space.

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