Boats and Storage Units in Magna

In Magna, your go-to personal storage provider is Apex Storage! No matter what you need storage for, Apex Storage has the versatility, convenient locations, spacious units, and top-notch security to ensure your personal items are well protected and comfortably stored away.

As you come to know our company, you will discover how smooth and easy it is to store your belongings and furniture with our facilities for any occasion.  No matter what the reason you need rented storage space, Apex Storage will your next move easier and stress-free when it comes to storing your important personal belongings and furniture. 

Why Storage is so Important

At Apex Storage, we understand how stressful, and even at times frustrating, a move can be. It seems like it’s multi-tasking on steroids as you keep track of what goes where and balance your time dedicated to moving with your daily activities and your work obligations. The finances associated with moving are enough to keep your brain fully occupied. The last thing you need is to worry about the condition of your personal belongings and furniture during the move.

Having a reliable and dependable local storage company to keep your personal items safe and secure is a must. You want the assurance that your furniture will be in perfect condition when you transfer all your personal belongings to your new dwelling.

Apex Storage is Your Ideal Choice for Storage in Magna

At Apex Storage, we pride ourselves on having the highest quality storage in Magna! Our easily accessible storage units make Apex Storage a perfect choice.  What sets us apart from our competitors is versatility for storage units. We offer 12-foot wide units, whereas our competitors typically only have 10-foot wide units. You also have the choice of using our extra-large storage units.

We know that there is a lot more to storing your belongings than you would think. That is why Apex Storage serves you with multiple different types of storage units that include numerous different sizes.  You also have the option to choose climate controlled storage facilities.

You’ll find that our staff is very helpful and professional, as we are known for our top-rated customer-oriented approach.

Security Is Our Priority

When you go with Apex Storage, you’re choosing a storage company with special security measure in place. You can rest assured that our storage units in Magna are equipped with cameras, a gated entry, and a full-time site manager. It is top-notch security like this that makes Apex Storage a safe and practical choice for all of your storage needs.

Our security apparatus includes video monitoring and high power industry lighting. You also enjoy the peace of mind of having password-protected access and secure property fencing.

Our security measures also include the following:

  • We utilize top of the line security cameras. We keep our Magna location secure from a bird’s eye view. With personnel overlooking 24/7 surveillance, we’ve got an eye on the goings-on of our facility. With high-quality night visualization, we make sure that when visibility is low and threats are higher, we’re still able to keep your possessions safe, as well as your person if you’re visiting outside of normal hours. Rest assured that with constant surveillance, your belongings stay safe.
  • We have high-quality storage unit doors. Tough doors don’t just serve the purpose of keeping unwanted intruders out, but keeping unwanted weather elements away as well. We take care to make sure that every one of our storage doors is durable, tightly sealed, and ready to take on whatever might come at it.
  • We have an On-Site Manager. Have questions or concerns? We’re here for you. Whether you see something suspicious, or simply have questions about self-storage, we’re here to keep your belongings safe and make your life a little easier.

Climate Controlled Facilities

Magna can experience extreme temperature changes throughout the year. This makes it necessary to make sure your important stored items are in a climate controlled environment. We know climate control is especially needed for fragile antiques and delicate furniture. Other items ideally suited for climate controlled settings are valuable electronics, photos, paintings, books, important documents, wine, etc.

The benefits of a storage unit that is climate controlled include:

  • Protection from humidity
  • Shielded from extreme temperatures
  • Ensure protection from dust
  • Better air quality

Our climate control storage units offer added protection from the weather, damp, and pests. Apex Storage gives you even more peace of mind as we provide sealing around the units that keeps unwanted elements out and keeps your possessions safe inside.

Our special climate-controlled unit with humidity control can keep your valuables safe from the damage that excess moisture can cause.

Here at Apex Storage, we’re dedicated to providing great self-storage options for Utah residents. Our storage facility in Magna features extra-large units to accommodate boats and other recreational vehicles that you use for your outdoor adventures at a great value.

Contact us to learn more about our storage unit options and pricing.

Here are the different types of storage units that Apex Storage offers its customers: 

  • Boat Storage - One of the most popular uses of our Magna storage units is for boats (and other outdoor and water gear) to be used on the Great Salt Lake. With its close proximity to the largest body of water in the Western United States, Magna is an ideal location for boat storage over the winter. Our self-storage units and lanes are larger and wider for a reason! We love our boats but know the pains of dropping off and retrieving such large items. With Apex, we make it convenient for you. With extra-large storage options and wider lanes, you can drop off and pick up your boat without major effort.
  • Self Storage - Our Magna storage unit location also features great self-storage options for anything else that you need to store. Whether you’re looking for a temporary home for your possessions while you move, or you need to store special items away from your home, our convenient storage units can help you keep your goods securely.


Magna is a metro township in Salt Lake County, Utah.  Once known as Pleasant Green, Magna is now one of Salt Lake City’s most popular bedroom communities.  Magna offers beautiful views of the Oquirrh Mountains, especially in the winter, as well as gorgeous sunsets at the Great Salt Lake Marina.

Why Apex Storage?

At Apex Storage, we understand that trust is of the utmost importance when it comes to services you count on during a move. That is why we set out to earn your trust by working closely with you to ensure all your storage needs are met in a timely fashion and at an affordable price!

If you are looking for safe, secure, and clean storage facilities, then look no further than Apex Storage!  We can even share tips on how to maximize storage space so you can save money.

We combine exceptional customer service with easily accessible storage units that come in a variety of sizes to make your move as smooth and successful as possible. We are reliable and there when you need us.

Apex has several locations throughout Salt Lake and Utah County, however, our Magna location is in the unique position of being in close proximity to the Great Salt Lake. Whether you’re looking for the best self-storage units for your beloved boat and water recreational equipment, or you’re looking for affordable units that never compromise security, Apex has you covered.

Need a unit quickly or want to take a walkthrough of our Magna location? Give our team a call today.  We’d be happy to help however we can.

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