Boats and Storage Units in Magna

Magna is conveniently located outside the main hub of Salt Lake City, and close to one of the Great Salt Lake’s most popular public access areas. Our storage facility in Magna is fully equipped with flexible storage options to suit your self-storage needs in northwest Salt Lake County.

Here at Apex Storage, we’re dedicated to providing great self-storage options for Utah residents. Our storage facility in Magna features extra-large units to accommodate boats and other recreational vehicles that you use for your outdoor adventures at a great value. Contact us to learn more about our storage unit options and pricing.

Boat Storage

One of the most popular uses of our Magna storage units is for boats (and other outdoor and water gear) to be used on the Great Salt Lake. With its close proximity to the largest body of water in the Western United States, Magna is an ideal location for boat storage over the winter. Our self-storage units and lanes are larger and wider for a reason! We love our boats but know the pains of dropping off and retrieving such large items. With Apex, we make it convenient for you. With extra-large storage options and wider lanes, you can drop off and pick up your boat without major effort.

Self Storage

Our Magna storage unit location also features great self-storage options for anything else that you need to store. Whether you’re looking for a temporary home for your possessions while you move, or you need to store special items away from your home, our convenient storage units can help you keep your goods securely.

Security for What’s Important

At Apex, we never underestimate the power and importance of great security. After all, you’re intrusting our team and our Magna location with your valuable goods. Whether you’re storing furniture for a future move, priceless family heirlooms, or a recreation vehicle, we’re here to protect what’s important to you. Every Apex location goes above and beyond to establish security protocols and systems that keep the threat of thievery at bay. 

  • We utilize top of the line security cameras. We keep our Magna location secure from a bird’s eye view. With personnel overlooking 24/7 surveillance, we’ve got on eye on the goings-on of our facility. With high-quality night visualization, we make sure that when visibility is low and threats are higher, we’re still able to keep your possessions safe, as well as your person if you’re visiting outside of normal hours. Rest assured that with constant surveillance, your belongings stay safe.
  • We have high-quality storage unit doors. Tough doors don’t just serve the purpose of keeping unwanted intruders out, but keeping unwanted weather elements away as well. We take care to make sure that every one of our storage doors is durable, tightly sealed, and ready to take on whatever might come at it.
  • We have an On-Site Manager. Have questions or concerns? We’re here for you. Whether you see something suspicious, or simply have questions about self-storage, we’re here to keep your belongings safe and make your life a little easier.

Magna Storage Amenities

  • Security
  • Extra-Large Units
  • Boat Storage
  • Convenient Access and Location

Storing in Magna? Give Apex a Call!

(801) 250-5002

Apex has several locations throughout Salt Lake and Utah County, however, our Magna location is in the unique position of being in close proximity to the Great Salt Lake. Whether you’re looking for the best self-storage units for your beloved boat and water recreational equipment or you’re looking for affordable units that never compromise security, Apex has you covered. Need a unit quickly or want to take a walkthrough of our Magna location? Give our team a call today, we’d be happy to help however we can.

3588 South 7200 West

Magna, Utah