What to Store in Your Storage Unit

Units at a storage facility. If you’ve ever looked around your home, or business, and noticed how much space you’ve lost to stuff, you probably understand the utility of having an offsite storage unit. While there are several things that shouldn’t be kept in storage (like flammable things), the list of items that can be stored is extensive. Here are a few things you can definitely store:


As long as your vehicle is registered you can store pretty much anything. Cars, motorcycles, RVs and even boats can all be stored at a storage facility. It is best to call ahead, especially for large items, to make sure that the storage unit has space available to accommodate your vehicle. If you’ve got a vehicle, and it takes up too much space, find a storage unit and get some breathing room.


Computers, video games, dvds, televisions, and the mountain of chords that goes with them all take up space. If your electronics are older models or vintage, they probably take up even more space. Storage is a perfect way to keep your electronics safe, and in your possession, without having them swallow up the floor space in your home.


Have your children outgrown their toys? If there is one thing baby toys are not, it’s small. Jumpers, bouncers, swings, and activity tables all take up space. Maybe you don’t want to get rid of those toys, maybe you plan on having more children, or maybe you want to save those things for when your children have their own little ones. Putting them in storage is a great way to hold onto the memories, while clearing up some living area in your home.


Beds, bed frames, couches, chairs, ottomans, tables, and chairs are difficult to store at home because of their odd shapes and large size. But if they are put outside they will be damaged by the elements. Furniture can become even more problematic if you are moving but can’t take it with you immediately. It seems as though storage units were made for these scenarios. Go ahead and store your large, heavy, and oddly shaped furniture in a facility built for it. Everything will stay safe and clean for you when you come back to get it.


If there is one thing that can drown an American household, it’s clothing. Clothes take up much more space than they should. Storage is a great option for people who still use their clothes, but don’t have room for them. If you have different wardrobes for each season, cycle through them by exchanging the last season’s wardrobe for the next one. Think of it as an enormous walk-in closet that you can use to store all of your coats in the summertime and all your shorts and sundresses in the cold dark winter months.


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