What Not to Keep in Your Storage Unit

Storage sheds.Self storage can be a real life saver. It frees up space at your home or apartment, saves your business money, and gives you a place to put things during a move. Once you start storing things, the temptation to free up more space in your living area can be pretty strong. Unfortunately, sometimes people try storing things that are not appropriate or safe in their storage units. Here is a list of things to avoid:

Perishable Food Items

This might seem like a no brainer, but people do it anyway. Perishable food items don’t last very long, that is why they need to be consumed quickly. While you can feasibly store canned goods in a storage unit, things like meat are dairy don’t work. Putting them in a storage unit that lacks climate control is just asking for trouble. Improper storage of these items can lead to rot, vermin, and a who