Of all of the rooms in your home that get easily disorganized, the kitchen is one of the fastest to fall into disarray. Maybe it’s the constant use, but even when you have a system to keep things in place, you always end up not knowing where your liquid measuring cup is because somebody put it in a random cupboard instead of where it goes. So, how do you avoid this mess? Simply “organizing” isn’t the solution, since you’ve probably organized your kitchen more times than you can count.

Get drawer organizers


Drawers are one of the first things to get completely out of control. Finding an orderly way to get your drawers organized is going to be one of the biggest keys to your success. There are so many different ways to get them organized. Drawer separators are going to be one of your best bets to keep things in their place. You can make your own, order custom drawers, or find some at stores like Ikea that will keep things in their place!


Install hooks for your pots and pans


Do you keep all of your pots and pans in a cupboard? Do they tend to get all mixed together and become a jumbled mess? Installing simple hooks against the walls of your cabinets to hang pots from will free up space. This maximizes the space you have, which is great if you’re working with limited space.


Transfer your spices to a drawer


Spice cupboards are always such a mess. You end up with 3 bottles of paprika because you couldn’t find any the last time you were making deviled eggs. Putting everything into a drawer helps you see everything that you have, so you know what you have, and don’t have to dig through arms deep in spices before finding what you’re looking for.


Organize under your kitchen sink


Raise your hand if the cupboard under your kitchen sink is a hot mess. Here are a few of our favorite hacks for under the kitchen sink organization. Install a few paper towel holders onto the inside of the doors of the cupboard. You can hang things like saran wrap and plastic wrap from these, so they’re easier to access. Get a plastic bin to organize all of your cleaning supplies in, and another one for your other miscellaneous items.