Totes in storage unit

Stacking Up: How to Store Items Vertically

To best utilize the space inside of your self-storage unit, which will save you money by making it so you don’t have to rent a larger unit, there are several tips you can utilize. One of the most valuable methods of maximizing the space in your unit is to stack things vertically, rather than all along the floor. This helps you utilize the height of your unit, rather than just the length and width. This method of storage also makes it easier to see all of the things you have packed in your unit.

Here are some tips to help you store things vertically in your storage unit…

Utilize Shelving

Obviously, you’re going to be stacking boxes and objects when you start packing things away vertically, but it can be a more convenient method to purchase shelving units that you can put your belongings on. This way, when you need to get a box at the bottom of a stack