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Saving Money on a Big Move

How to Move Without Going Broke

Moving your entire life from your old home to a new place can be a very exciting time, but it can also be incredibly stressful. Too many people overspend during the moving process, which makes the journey of moving so much more stressful than it needs to be. This is especially an anxious experience because of the fact that you’ve probably already put a significant amount of money into your home, and are still going to need some cash to get the new place in working order. Here are some ways that you can save cash when moving…

Use a Storage Unit

It is incredibly helpful to have an intermediary place that you can store your things at, in between your new home and old home. This enables you to move your stuff out at your own pace, and move things into your home at your own pace. This is a cost effective way to save on the cost of movers, while at the same time making your move far less hectic than it would be.

Budget, Budget, Budget

You’d be surprised how many people just jump into moving without actually knowing how much it is going to cost. When you do this, then any ideas you have about how to spend less are merely shots in the dark, because you haven’t educated yourself on what you will actually need and what you should actually put aside. Do some research about how much it will cost to move the amount of belongings you have, based on the amount of distance that you are moving. When you have thoroughly planned out your expenses and can see it in a grand plan, it makes it easier to see where you can cut costs, and where you should splurge for convenience and safety.

Communicate with Your Movers

If you end up using a moving company, it is important to tell your moving company what that budget is. It might be tempting to merely try to do everything yourself, but this is going to add a lot more headaches than it is worth. Instead, let your moving company know what you can afford to spend, and what you would like to get for your money. They should be able to make a package fit your needs.

Used Packaging Materials

Packaging materials might seem like small expenses, in light of the fact that you’ve just bought a new home, but those expenses really add up, over time. Don’t buy new packaging materials to pack away everything you own. Instead, try to reuse packaging materials from your last move, if you saved them, or ask around from friends who have recently moved if you can borrow their boxes and packing tape, with the understanding that you’ll repay the favor, one day!

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