Organizing storage unit

Organizing Your Self-Storage for Easy Access

Different people expect different things out of their self-storage unit. Sometimes people want to put their belongings in a space just to get it out of the way of their normal living/business routine, and won’t need to access those items regularly (or they are just storing them while they move). Other times, people will need to continuously be in and out of their storage unit. This is common for people who use self-storage for business purposes.

For those individuals, in order to get the most out of their unit, it’s important to organize the space so that it is convenient for routine access. Here are some tips to accomplish that…

Plan the Layout Beforehand

First of all, before you start shoving boxes into your self-storage, consider creating a planned layout of where you want everything to go. This may seem time-consuming, upfront, but it will save you lots of time in the long-run. This way, you can plan to put the items, tools, and belongings that you will need more frequently in easy-to-access spaces, and you can utilize space that is more difficult to get to by placing objects that you won’t need often in those areas. 

To really get the most out of this step, create a map of your layout that you can put at the front of the unit to remind you of where everything is. If you take a bit of time to do this first part right, then you’ll avoid confusion in the future about the location of your items.

Label Everything

Label everything! Whether you are taking a sharpie and writing on the boxes or using a label printer, make sure that the items of every box and container are clearly listed on the exterior of that specific box in a clearly visible way. No matter how great your memory is, you’ll eventually forget the assets of every box that surrounds you inside of your unit.

Of course, the second part of labeling everything is to be incredibly vigilant about putting everything back where it goes, in its specified box, when you are done using it. Otherwise, those labels won’t mean a thing!

Stack Tall, Instead of Deep

Lastly, try to avoid storing things deeply in your storage unit, and opt to store vertically to increase the visibility of every box. If the box you need is behind two or three other boxes, it may be difficult to find or remember. However, even if two or three boxes are on top of the box you need, you’ll be thankful to see it right away (which it will be if it is displayed against the wall). To maximize the stacking method, try to get shelving to put along the walls of your self storage unit.

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