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Long-Term Car Storage Checklist

There may be a time in your life that you’ll need to store a vehicle in storage. Maybe you’re leaving on a long vacation, don’t use a vehicle during the winter, or just need some extra room in your garage. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know how to store such valuable property correctly. If you’ve never stored a vehicle long-term, here’s a quick guide and checklist of things to do to get your car ready for its time in storage. 

Finding the Right Storage Location

  • First things first, find a storage facility that works for you. If you plan to keep your car stored long-term, make sure to find a facility that puts an emphasis on security. If you plan to use the car often and are only storing the vehicle to make room within your garage or driveway, make sure to choose a facility that is easy to access and conveniently located to you.
  • It’s a good idea to find a facility that is easy to drop off and pick up the vehicle. Aim for a unit that is extra-large, so you don’t potentially damage your property trying to fit it into a tight space. 

Checklist for Long-Term Storage

  • Change the oil. If your car is already in need of an oil change, sitting in storage will only thicken the dirty oil. This can make it difficult to start up your car after a few months left alone. Save yourself time during the retrieval process by changing the oil before you place it in storage. 
  • Don’t forget the gas. Even if you choose to store your vehicle in a facility located near a gas station, make sure that your car has a few gallons of gas in the tank, just in case. If you plan to keep your car in storage for a whole season, make sure to add some sort of stabilizer to your gas tank to ensure that your gasoline is preserved, as is your fuel system. 
  • Lift the tires. A common mistake made when storing a car long-term is letting the vehicle have its full weight on unmoving tires. Be sure to place jacks under tires if you plan to leave it for some time. This way you can avoid flat spots or wrecked tires once you come to pick up your car. 
  • Prevent corrosion. Make sure you disconnect your battery before you leave your car sitting. This will prevent any unwanted battery corrosion over time. If you’d like to avoid possible corrosion inside or outside of your vehicle, be sure thoroughly wash, dry, and prep your car. Make sure to cover your car to further prevent any unwanted damage. 

Trust Apex For Long-Term Storage

By following steps to ensure your car is ready for long term storage, you can avoid any headaches when picking it up later. A little preparation now means coming back to a well-preserved, ready to roll machine. If you can’t come to check on your stored vehicle often, make sure to ask a trusted person to visit it every once and a while, to make sure your preventative maintenance is still doing the trick, and that your vehicle is still safe and secure. And, of course, if you have any questions about long-term storage or would like to tour our facility before you store with Apex Storage, give us a call today at (801) 251-0801.

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