Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take your life on the road? Sell everything, keeping only the essentials, and driving around the country, taking in the view and seeing things you’ve never seen before. While for some homebodies that sounds like a horrible time, for others, it seems fun and exciting, an appealing adventure to embark upon. So, how realistic is it, really, to live out of an RV?

Long term or short term

If you’re hesitant, you may want to opt for a shorter term trip, rather than committing to living in an RV for the next year. There’s no wrong way to go about this adventure! Living out of an RV and traveling is especially great if you have a job that allows you to work remotely. When you can work anywhere, the world is your office. If you decide to do a short trip of about a month or so, you can probably find a friend to watch your house while you are gone. If your trip is going to be longer, take the leap and sell your home and belongings. If you still want a home base to come back to, a great idea is to get a storage unit to keep everything in while you are gone. This is cheaper than rent or your mortgage, but means you don’t have to get rid of absolutely everything in order to live out your dreams of living on the road. 

Mapping out your route

Are you spontaneous, or more of a planner? One helpful thing when considering living in an RV, is to at least somewhat map out your route ahead of time. This way you know if you’ll need winter clothes, or just extra sunscreen. 

What you really need

What do you really need to live in an RV? Honestly, not much. Clothes, toiletries, and a kitchen stocked with just the basics. The great thing about living in an RV, is that you can purchase anything that you need as you go. So if you start with just the bare minimum and then in a week you realize you really need more tupperware, extra bungee cords, or better pillows, you can make a quick pit stop to replenish on the necessities.