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Helpful Tips When Moving with a Pet

Moving with a pet can add a lot of extra moving stress. While a child still has an idea of what is happening, even if they are emotionally struggling with leaving their home, it can be difficult to quash the confusion a pet has when you take them to an entirely new place that they must call home. To help ease your pet’s difficulties during this time, here are some tips for moving your pet to a new place…

Create a Calm Space on Moving Day

On moving day, things are bound to be loud and chaotic. This isn’t a very good environment for a pet to be in, especially if they are already dealing with the stress of you uprooting everything that they know. For this reason, it’s a good idea to take your pet to another place and leave them with a friend for the day (if you have this option). This way, you can just pick them up after the move and take them to their new home.

Make a Pet Kit

When you are packing everything that you own into boxes and shoving them into an assortment of different vehicles, it’s very possible that several necessities for your pet are going to be in several different locations. For this reason, just as you would pack your own kit of clothes and supplies you need for the moving period, make sure that you put food, snacks, toys, and a leash into a kit for your pet to survive a couple days, just in case it is a while before you can get to the rest of their things.

Don’t Leave Them in a Crate

Depending on how far you are moving, many people need to use a crate to get their pet from point A to point B, especially if moving involves travelling by air. When this is the case, then it is important to get your pet used to their crate before you actually need them to be inside of it. Do this by spending time with them in their crate and giving them treats. No matter what, they are probably going to be stressed during this time, but your comfort and care can help ease some of this.

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