Everything You Need to Know About Boat and RV Storage

You love your recreational vehicle. It gives you countless hours of enjoyment, especially during the upcoming summer months. But, there’s a good amount of time during the year that it isn’t being used. This is just in the nature of the vehicle, but you want to make sure that it is well maintained and ready for you when you’re ready to use it! Have you considered what your best storage options are for boat or RV storage?

Extra large storage units


Most of us don’t have room at home to store our recreational vehicles. If you don’t, and you’re considering buying one to enjoy this summer, an extra large storage unit is probably going to be your best storage option for said vehicle! What are you looking for in a storage unit? First, is the dimensions of the unit. A regular size storage facility probably won’t be able to accommodate what you need, so look for one that specializes in boat and RV storage.


Easy accessibility


The size of the units is important, but it’s also important that the lanes are extra wide, to ensure you don’t cause any damage to your vehicle while transporting them to and from your storage unit. Another important accessibility feature you’ll want, is to make sure that there are extended hours! If you spend a long day out at the lake, and get home after dark, you want to be able to easily drop your boat off at your storage unit before heading home for the night.


Maintenance and security


We all know that when you are not using your recreational vehicle, it still needs to be maintained in order to be fully functional when you want to use it! You’ll want to find a storage unit that also has in-unit electricity, so you can easily maintain your vehicle. This isn’t a standard accommodation, so make sure your storage unit provides this service!

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