Businessman stands by storage unit

Ever Thought About Running a Business Out of a Storage Unit?

Many businesses use a storage unit to improve their business operations, as having the space to push stock through and keep reserve supplies can provide a benefit to many types of businesses. However, some businesses you don’t even need much outside of a storage unit. There are a variety of different types of companies that can be efficiently ran out of a storage unit, which cuts costs and keeps things simple. Here are some examples of businesses you could run from a storage unit.

Handyman services

To run a professional handyman company, you need a technically proficient handyman, a truck, a ton of tools and supplies, and a place to put it all. That’s where a storage unit comes in. Running a handyman service company out of a storage unit means you can save money on having an office, since most people are going to be phoning in your problems, anyways. Since you don’t need a storefront or customer facing property, a storage unit enables you a place to store everything that your handymen need, and provides a base of operations for them all to return to when the day is done.

Online stores

Running a store on Amazon or eBay is an extremely common way to run a business, nowadays. The internet has opened up markets that make tons of small stores feasible to operate. Rather than needing a brick and mortar location to put all of your things and try to attract customers, you just need a place to keep stock as you turn it around and sell it, and some room to print labels. For this reason, a storage unit provides an easy solution to running an online shop.

Indoor photography

Photography studio space can be expensive for a professional photographer to keep paying into. Alternatively, a professional photographer can manage their own photo studio out of a storage unit, since they can cheaply attain the space that they need. All they would need to do after that is use one wall as an attractive backdrop that can be changed on a project by project basis, and set up a variety of lighting options for different types of shoots.