4 Items that Need Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage

What’s in your storage unit? Many of us use a storage unit in order to store extra odds and ends, or to make the process of moving go smoother as you wait for escrow on a new house to close. For most of our storage needs, a regular unit will do just fine. However, there…

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How to Organize Your Storage Unit For Frequent Access

There are so many different uses for a storage unit, and we love seeing all of the creative ways that our customers use theirs. For some people, they like having a storage unit that they have access to 24 hours, since they are stopping by frequently. If you’re using a storage unit more often than…

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Saving Money on a Big Move

Couple storing moving boxes

How to Move Without Going Broke Moving your entire life from your old home to a new place can be a very exciting time, but it can also be incredibly stressful. Too many people overspend during the moving process, which makes the journey of moving so much more stressful than it needs to be. This…

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Reducing Moving Stress with Storage Units

Moving boxes in storage unit

Few things are as stressful as moving out of your home and taking everything you own to a new place. However, it’s something that pretty much everybody does multiple times in their life, so it’s worthwhile to examine ways that you can cut down on some of that moving stress. One such way is to…

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Things Not to Keep in Your Storage Unit

Man by storage unit with box

Self storage units are incredibly convenient for a variety of people, whether they are moving, using storage for business purposes, or just need to some extra storage space for their home. However, you can’t just go about putting anything that you want into a storage unit. There are a handful of things that not only…

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Ever Thought About Running a Business Out of a Storage Unit?

Businessman stands by storage unit

Ever Thought About Running a Business Out of a Storage Unit? Many businesses use a storage unit to improve their business operations, as having the space to push stock through and keep reserve supplies can provide a benefit to many types of businesses. However, some businesses you don’t even need much outside of a storage…

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