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Boat Storage for Winter

Owning a boat or recreational vehicle can be a thrill during the summer months, but what about storing those terribly large vehicles during the offseason? Not everyone has the ability to keep a boat in a carport or a yard, and leaving it in a driveway or along a curb can lead to damage or theft. Storing those seasonal items is often the solution to a literally big problem. But it’s not enough to just find a storage facility to keep your items and call it a day. There is a certain level of preparation that you should take into account to get your boat ready for a long winter in storage. Here are our guide and checklist for preparing your boat for self-storage.

Checklist for Boat Storage

  • Change the oil. As with any vehicle, it’s important to check and change the oil before a long-term stay in storage. Water and acids have potentially made their way into your oil during its use over the summer. This can lead to some serious corroding of your engine. Make sure to completely filter and flush out the oil, so that no water remains, and add new oil before you take it to its new home for the winter. 
  • Disconnect the battery and remove drive belts. You don’t want your battery to drain over a long winter. Disconnect and charge your battery every once and a while to ensure it’s ready for use later. As with all things that are under serious pressure over time, things can lose tension. The drive belts on your boat are no different. During a long winter with frequent weather changes, your drive belts might lose tension and even crack under the amount of pressure they’re under. We suggest removing them entirely before placing your boat in storage.
  • Fill the gas tank. Over a full winter in storage, condensation is likely to build up in an empty gas tank. This condensation can cause corrode in general, but over a cold winter, the condensation can freeze and create serious damage. Fill up your tank with a mixture of gas and stabilizer. Once you pick up your boat in the summer, it will be ready to use almost immediately!
  • Grease and oil. It’s important to remember to use fogging oil on your boat before you put it in storage. Not sure how or where to use it? Check your boat manual! Be sure to grease the entire steering mechanism as well. Making sure that the proper lubricants are used before a harsh winter can ensure your boat is ready for its next outing.  

Finding A Facility for Your Boat

When seeking out the ideal storage facility for your boat, make sure you keep in mind the space that it will need. Apex Storage offers extra-large storage units to suit all types of recreational vehicles and seasonal gear. The bigger the storage space, the easier it will be to drop off and store your property. When the summer hits once more, the extra-wide lanes and convenient location to freeway access will make it a breeze to pick up your boat and head straight to the water. 

Make sure to find a facility that’s dedicated to offering superior security. If you’re unable to check on your boat throughout the winter, be sure to choose a storage facility that makes the safety of your property their top priority. You can learn more about Apex Storage security here and see why its the best place to keep your favorite recreational vehicles.

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