There are few feelings worse than opening a box and discovering that a bunch of your belongings have broken and you now have a bundle of shattered pieces. There is no other box that this is likely to happen to than one labeled “kitchen.” Moving your kitchenware can be a stressful part of the already stressful experience that moving is. However, using smart packing tips can mitigate a lot of this stress. Here are some tips for packing kitchenware…

Separate the Plates

If you have glass or ceramic plates, then they are one of the prime suspects to break during the moving process. You can prevent this from happening by wrapping up each plate in bubble wrap and placing them vertically in the moving box. Make sure the stack is at an angle, to prevent movement from happening in the box. In addition, if you want to go an extra mile (as you certainly should for finer plates, such as china), you should put some extra foam or something soft as a barrier on the bottom of the box, and even the top, as well, if you want to be extra careful.

Careful with Glasses!

Glasses, especially nicer glass or odd shaped items like wine glasses, frequently break when moving. Indeed, you should accept that some glasses are most likely going to break during the move, just so you aren’t caught by surprise if it happens. However, if there is glassware that you absolutely can’t have breaking, then you should take some extra steps to protect them. To do this, fill each glass with a wad of newspaper. You want to have some resistance on the inside of the glass so that resistance on the outside of the glass won’t cause it to shatter. After this, make sure that the glasses are placed into a box that is stuffed with newspaper along the sides, and that bubble wrap or newspapers are between each glass.

Label the Important Things

Professional movers work hard to be careful with each and every box. Movers that are worth their salt understand how important a person’s belongings are to them, and that they are trusting them with aspects of their life. However, when you label boxes that are more fragile than others, it helps movers take extra steps and precautions to make sure that they are out of any possible harm’s way.