7 Tips for a Better Move

Moving is one of the most onerous and dreaded tasks that any family has to face. It can be physically and mentally exhausting, especially when complications crop up. However, it must be done! And so, here are some tips to hopefully make your next move go more smoothly:

  1. Keep each box below 30 pounds. Moving can be back-breaking work, but it really shouldn’t be. The continuous motion of lifting and setting down is hard enough. You don’t want any one box to be more than you can handle. So, do your best to keep boxes a manageable weight. This will protect against drops and damage–and, of course, injury! This tip is especially important when you’re working with something that gets really heavy really fast, like books or dishes. Consider packing these items in smaller boxes, or mixing them with other things, like putting books at the bottom of a box, and then filling the rest of the space with well-padded knick knacks.
  2. Get equally-sized boxes. This makes moving the boxes around, and stacking them, much easier. Obviously, there will need to be exceptions, but if you have a fairly standard size of