Climate controlled storage

4 Items that Need Climate-Controlled Storage

What’s in your storage unit? Many of us use a storage unit in order to store extra odds and ends, or to make the process of moving go smoother as you wait for escrow on a new house to close. For most of our storage needs, a regular unit will do just fine. However, there are certain items that need a little extra TLC.

What Is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

Climate controlled units are about stabilizing two important factors within your unit: humidity and temperature. As much as we love Utah, it’s important to remember that the extreme highs and the freezing temperatures don’t treat our valuables very well. However, most damage actually ends up being done by moisture, which can warp wood, attract pests, and lead to mold and mildew damage.

Here are 4 items that will need a climate-controlled unit so that they