Climate controlled storage

4 Items that Need Climate-Controlled Storage

What’s in your storage unit? Many of us use a storage unit in order to store extra odds and ends, or to make the process of moving go smoother as you wait for escrow on a new house to close. For most of our storage needs, a regular unit will do just fine. However, there are certain items that need a little extra TLC.

What Is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

Climate controlled units are about stabilizing two important factors within your unit: humidity and temperature. As much as we love Utah, it’s important to remember that the extreme highs and the freezing temperatures don’t treat our valuables very well. However, most damage actually ends up being done by moisture, which can warp wood, attract pests, and lead to mold and mildew damage.

Here are 4 items that will need a climate-controlled unit so that they can be better protected from the elements.

1: Electronics

Electronics contain sensitive equipment easily harmed by weather. Consider what would happen to any electronic item if you spilled water on it. That might seem like an extreme comparison, but over time, the effects of high humidity levels can be exactly the same. Additionally, chemical components in electronics–such as a plasma screen–can be altered by freezing temperatures. If you have valuable electronics, protect them from weather damage.

2: Valuable Furniture

Some furniture pieces would do just fine sitting in the hot sun or in a commercial-grade freezer. However, sensitive materials like fine wood or leather can be hurt by these extremes. Furthermore, just about any kind of furniture will have problems in damp weather. Damp fabrics often foster mold and mildew growth, which is hard to eliminate when the furniture is back in your home.

3: Family Keepsakes and Memorabilia

This can include photos, film negatives, and important documents like journals or legal records. Most of us have a box somewhere where we store important keepsakes that are handed down through the family. These precious items are invaluable and irreplaceable. However, humidity can cause water damage, and high temperatures can damage sensitive materials like film and chemicals used on old photographs. Furthermore, warmth and damp lead to an environment that mice and moths love, especially when paired with plenty of paper (their favorite thing to munch). Remember that items such as collectible comic books and other paper items can also go in this category and call for climate controlled storage.

4: Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are very sensitive items. The exact shape and composition of the wood influences the instrument’s tone and sound quality. Strings can snap as they expand and contract in weather changes. Even brass instruments are sensitive to the weather, as rubber seals can break down, and the environment can foster bacterial growth that’s hard to clean properly.

In order to keep your property in good shape, explore our climate-control options and ask us what we recommend for your particular situation. Give us a call at (801) 938-3308.

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